Xinda Environment Protection Activity

Xinda Environment Protection Activity

To keep environment clean, a healthy and balanced natural systems are essential for adopting and supporting life on this planet. Society relies on nature to provide us with the resources for our survival which includes air, water, food, fibers, medicines, and building materials. Children need to grow up with an awareness of the nature around them. As human beings we have a responsibility to preserve the actual value of nature both for ourselves and for future generations too.

Junzhang Hiking Route in Wuxi city is a famous 20km hiking route for the local hikers. Every day there are hundreds of people trekking around these hills. Along this hiking route, you will pass through the forest, the reservoir, the tea farmland, and the lake.

To keep this hiking road clean, people from Xinda Marketing Department organized a “clean our mountain” activity on October 22 (Saturday).

It took three hours for us to collect the rubbish or PET water bottles. We are happy that we could make this hiking route more clean and hiking people will have a more comfortable environment to enjoy the nature. We are planning to have the routine activity to clean this hiking route.

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