Semi-conductive Compounds

Xinda compounding lines

In a middle and high voltage cable, the semiconducting layer is wrapped around the conductor to remove stress points in the electric field developed by the conductor. It provides a homogeneous even distribution of the electric field between the external insulation and metallic screen on the middle and high voltage cable.

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    XINDA 4-flight Co-Kneader has been well proven by many customers in cable industry. Please check the following brochure for details.

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    Since Xinda Co-Kneader can realize the perfect dispersion of high structured carbon black into the polymer matrix. Xinda Co-Kneader becomes the ideal choice of manufacturing the semi-conductive compounds. It can help achieve the desired conductivity with excellent distribution of the carbon black without damaging the original structure of the carbon black

    Xinda Co-Kneader for semi-conductive compounds in Far-east Cable Company

    Xinda Co-Kneader for semi-conductive compounds in European company

    Major Xinda Clients in Cable industry