Welcome to Xinda Test Center

In order to satisfy customers’ requirements on different kinds of compounding, XINDA now provides a test center for global customers, equipping with Co-kneader and SHJ-52 co-rotating twin-screw extruder (which is a high torque, high speed, and high output extruder). In this way, customers can make a better decision of purchase of compounding system based on testing results.

All our testing extruders are with over-loading protection, different feeding systems (volumetric feeders and gravimetric feeders) and different pelletizing systems (strand, water ring, air cooling die face and eccentric water fog cutting system). Our extruders are also with advanced controlling system, and testing data also would be recorded for customers.

Testing is subject to customer’s material, and is applicable for followings:

  1. Testing for New material and new processing
  2. Testing different processing and find a best way for specific compounding
  3. Estimating the output and operation skills

Test Machine Specifications

What to test?

Testing extruders may work for following:

  1. A comparison between gravimetric feeding and volumetric feeding
  2. Liquid injection technology
  3. Side feeding system application
  4. Different pelletizing systems: strand, water ring, air cooling die face cutting, and eccentric water fog cutting system
  5. Cascade type extruder line for materials which are sensitive to temperature and shearing

Looking forward to seeing you!

XINDA welcomes global customers to conduct trials in XINDA testing center. XINDA will try our best to satisfy customers’ requirements.

XINDA Test Center Video

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Center Details

Name: Test Center
Location: No.9 Workshop
Surface: 2500 m2
Machines: 7 sets
Category: Multiple
Opening: Monday~Sunday


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