Delivery Photo Gallery II

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PSHJ-35 TPE_underwater
PSHJ-35 twin screw extruder_TPE
SJW-200 Peroxide XLPE cable compounds 01
SJW-200 Peroxide XLPE cable compounds 02
Extruder delivery_twin screw extruder_Glass fiber reinforced masterbatch
Twin screw extruder for filler masterbatch_xinda
SJW-100 Co-Kneader for HFFR cable compounds
PSHJ-20 lab use twin screw extruder
Co-Kneader SJW-45 HFFR
Co-KneaderSJW-70_ABS+Carbon black
Xinda SHJ-95 twin screw extruder_PP+POE 02
Xinda SHJ-95 twin screw extruder_PP+POE 01
Co-Kenader SJW-45
SKW125 HFFR 02 turkey
SKW125 HFFR 01 turkey
SHJ-75 mexico
SHJ-20 lab use twin screw france
SHJ-35 twin screw extruder_mexico
Co-Kneader_SJW-100 black MB
Twin screw extruder_PSHJ-50 Bioplasitcs
Co-Kneader SKW-105_HFFR 01
Co-Kneader SKW-105_HFFR
SJW-100 + uwp_cable compounds
WKS-120_PVC cable compunds 01
WKS-120_PVC cable compounds 02
SJW-140 PVC compounds
SJW-45 Co-Kneader
PSHJ-35 twin screw extruder
PSHJ-50 masterbatch production
PSHJ-132 clams shell twin screw extruder
Xinda PSHJ-50 bio compounds 01
Xinda PSHJ-50 bio compounds
Xinda SJW-200 PVC
SJW-200 PVC 01
SHJ-65 twin screw extruder with underwater pelletizing system
Co-Kenader SJW-200 Peroxide xlpe
Co-Kneader SJW-200 Peroxide xlpe01

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