Silane XLPE Compounds

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Silan cross-linkable PE cable is a chemically crosslinkable polyethylene compound which makes it possible to use in applications with higher temperature requirements that exceed the temperature stability of normal thermoplastic grades. Silane cross-linkable PE compounds have been well proven as the most cost-effective materials and are wildly applied for cable insulation up to 10 kV.

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    Co-Kneader Brochure

    XINDA 4-flight Co-Kneader has been well proven by many customers in cable industry. Please check the following brochure for details.

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    Owing to the unique working principle, Xinda Co-Kneader is wildly used in the production of Silane cross-linkable PE cable compounds. Co-Kneader can ensure the precise temperature control to avoid the least polymer breakdown. Besides, the liquid agent can be injected into the molten polymers through any pin positions.

    Xinda Co-Kneader for silane XLPE cable compounds

    Why so many customers in Cable industry choose Xinda?

    • Xinda owns ample experience and knowhow in cable and wire industries.
    • Most cable and wire company in China and many abroad are our customers
    • Co-Kneader is suitable for heat and shear sensitive formulations.
    • Excellent distribution & dispersion of Xinda extruders ensure good quality.
    • Life-time service from Xinda team offer continuous support to our customers.

    Major Xinda Clients in Cable industry