Cable & Wire Compounds

Xinda compounding lines

Wire and cable compounds are mainly used to provide a high degree of insulation for electrical wires and prevent moisture from entering power transmission or telecommunication cables. In addition, these compounds should also offer excellent mechanical stability as well as corrosion and chemical resistance to wires and cables.

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    Co-Kneader Brochure

    XINDA 4-flight Co-Kneader has been well proven by many customers in cable industry. Please check the following brochure for details.

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    Owing to the unique working principle, Xinda Co-Kneader is wildly used both in China’s leading cable companies and international cable companies to prouduce the PVC, HFFR, XLPE, PEX Cross-linked cable and semi-conductive cable compounds.

    Xinda cable compounding line in customer’s plant

    Why so many customers in Cable industry choose Xinda?

    • Xinda owns ample experience and knowhow in cable and wire industries.
    • Most cable and wire company in China and many abroad are our customers
    • Co-Kneader is suitable for heat and shear sensitive formulations.
    • Excellent distribution & dispersion of Xinda extruders ensure good quality.
    • Life-time service from Xinda team offer continuous support to our customers.

    Major Xinda Clients in Cable industry