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Peroxide XLPE (Peroxide cross-linkable polyethylenes) is made by mixture, plasticization and granulation with the low-density polyethylene as the basic resin mixed with cross linking agent and other additives. XLPE insulation is effective at high and low temperatures. Due to its unique structure, XLPE is not only extremely resistant to wear but also resistant to high voltage electricity, chemicals and other harmful substances. Cross-linked polyethylene insulation is also a more affordable option. Peroxide cross-linkable XLPE is increasingly used for medium voltage and high voltage AC cable insulation.

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    XINDA 4-flight Co-Kneader has been well proven by many customers in cable industry. Please check the following brochure for details.

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    During the process of peroxide XLPE (Peroxide cross-linkable polyethylenes) cable compounds, the temperature range is quite narrow. With the unique working features of mild shear and kneading efficiency, Co-Kneader can ensure the precise temperature control to avoid the least polymer breakdown. Besides, the liquid agent can be injected into the molten polymers through any pin positions. XINDA SJW-200 Co-Kneader compounding line has been specially designed for capable for making the following middle voltage XLPE cable compounds:

    • Insulation of peroxide XLPE up to 10kV
    • Insulation of peroxide XLPE up too 35kV
    • Insulation of peroxide XLPE aerial cable up to 10kV
    • Insulation of peroxide XLPE aerial cable up to 35kV
    • Insulation of peroxide XLPE high weather resistant aerial cable up to 35kV
    • Insulation of peroxide XLPE cable up to 10kV for nuclear station application
    • Insulation of peroxide XLPE cable up to 35kV for nuclear station application

    Xinda Co-Kneader for Peroxide XLPE application

    Xinda Co-Kenader_Peroxide XLPE cable compounds

    XINDA Co-Kneader Layout for Peroxide XLPE Cable Compounds

    XINDA C0-Kneader for XLPE layout

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