Ancillary Equipment

XINDA supplies the turn-key solutions for our customers home and abroad. The ancillary equipments play a very important role in the whole system. XINDA offers you the quality upstream and down stream equipments for configuration to our Co-Kneader or twin screw compounding extruders .

High speed mixer/High speed mixer+cooler
Color mixer

Volumetric feeder
Gravimetric feeder
liquid feeder
side feeder

Screw conveyor
Pneumatic conveyor

Water strand pelletizing system
Dry strand pelletizing system
Air cooling and die face pelletizing system
Eccentric water-fog pelleztizing system
Water-ring pelletizing system
Underwater pelletizing system

Auto metering packing system for pellets
Auto metering packing system for powder

Equipment Category

Conveying system Mixing system
Feeding system Pelletizing system
Drying system Pellet sorting system
Metering system Packing system


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