Xinda Co-operated with Jiangnan University

Xinda Co-operated with Jiangnan University

Jiangnan University Food Science and Engineering is the only national first-level key discipline in the country, and has the only national key laboratory of food science and technology.

The past 25 years, Xinda has been committed to the technical research and application of co kneader and twin-screw extruder. It has made significant progress in the application of cable compounds, masterbatch, thermoset compounds, foaming compounds, conductive and degradable compounds. It has won unanimous praise from many Fortune 500 companies.

This month Jiangnan University Food College has made three rounds of food testing in certain food extrusion fields, such as artificial meat and reconstituted rice and the testing results are satisfactory.

Jiangsu Xinda Tech Limited Co., Ltd. will continue to supportĀ  the research institute of Jiangnan University, relying on Xinda’s special compounding machine (Xinda co kneader and clamshell barrel twin-screw extruder) to achieve more experience in the field of food mixing and extrusion.

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