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XINDA Ancillary equipment

XINDA supplies the turn-key solutions for our customers home and abroad. The ancillary equipments play a very important role in the whole system. XINDA offers you the quality upstream and down stream equipments for configuration to our Co-Kneader or twin screw comounding extruders .


  • High speed mixer/High speed mixer+cooler
  • Color mixer

  • Volumetric feeder
  • Gravimetric feeder
  • liquid feeder
  • side feeder

  • Screw conveyor
  • Pneumatic conveyor

  • Water strand pelletizing system
  • Dry strand pelletizing system
  • Air cooling and die face pelletizing system
  • Eccentric water-fog pelleztizing system
  • Water-ring pelletizing system
  • Underwater pelletizing system

  • Auto metering packing system for pellets
  • Auto metering packing system for powder