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Produkt Überblick

Our fiber company specializes in producing the polyester staple fiber. The annual capacity is 25,000 tons. Our raw materials are PET bottle flakes and other regenerated PET materials.

We are now mainly producing the following products:

  • Raw white PSF fiber
  • Optical white PSF fiber
  • Virgin-like reddish white PSF fiber
  • Virgin-like bluish white PSF fiber
  • Chip spinning PSF fiber
  • Super white PSF fiber
  • Black PSF fiber
  • Various color PSF fiber

The color fiber will get the best color supported by our own masterbatch.


Production specification


1. Size: 1.4D~15D

2. Cut length: 32~152mm

3. Tenacity: >4.7CN/dtex

4. Abnormal fiber: < 100mg/100g

5. Oil pick up: 0.15%


This fiber is suitable for the following applications:

1. Spinning yarns Ne 8~32s, open-end or ring-spun

2. Non-weaving, thermal bonding, collodion, needle punching, spun lace

3. Padding for toys, sofas, bedding, etc.



Dimensions: 66 x 95 x 113 cm

Weight: 260 kg


Shipping container

Qty/40'HQ: 25MT


Polyester Stable Fiber