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Xinda Reciprocating und Extruding System

The SJW Co-Kneader is different from traditional single or twin screw extruders because of its unique mechanisms. The spiral of the kneading screw is detached three times at the circumference. In those gaps are the stationary kneading pins, which are fixed inside the kneading case. While the screw is circumrotates, so too does the axis, moving reciprocally.


During this process, the material is not only sheared between the pins and kneading flights, but also inverted. This working process is totally different from traditionally single or twin screw extruders. It improves the effectiveness of kneading by moving transversely and lengthways. As such, it can provide high-quality dispersive and distributive mixing. In addition, by using suitable breechblock, the pressure remains relatively steady.


With circular water cooling system both inside the barrels and screw, the processing temperature is controlled accurately and much lower than the other machines because the materials are processed while they are intenerated, not completely melted. Accordingly, there will be less material disassembled and the quality of the final products will be the best.


sjw working 1