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CHINAPLAS 2012, which is the NO.1 fair for plastic & rubber industry in Asia, was held in Shanghai from April 18th to April 21st, 2012. XINDA stand No. was E1N41, which occupies as large as 84 Sqm. Hall E1 was Germany Pavilion, which represented the highest Machinery Manufacturing Process. XINDA, along with other world giants of plastic extruder manufacturers from Germany and other countries, showed the global customers the latest trend of plastic machinery development.


XINDA showed two sets of Co-Kneader machine (SJW-45 & SJW-100) and two sets of Clamshell Barrel Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders (PSHJ-20 & PSHJ-35). The machines were redesigned in details. For Co-Kneader, XINDA redesigned the stainless steel cover for heaters, which made machine more beautiful and outstanding, also XINDA keeps quality improvement in screw elements, pins and liners. For Twin Screw Extruder, XINDA redesigned the layout of PSHJ-35, integrating the water tank into extruder frame, which made it a united entity. Customers showed a lot of interests, along with startled admiration


CHINAPLAS 2012 was held in Shanghai, which is only 150KM away from XINDA factory. So, many customers visited XINDA factory during the fair and after the fair. Customers witnessed XINDA’s Manufacturing standards, learnt XINDA’s history and got to know how Co-Kneaders can generate more excellent performance of compounding. Many new customers expressed their willing to work with XINDA Co-Kneader, which is a more advanced compounding technology than Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder.


We will see you in Guangzhou for CHINAPLAS 2013. See you then!